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Anonymous asked:

Can I ask what is gamergate? Searching it on google is just leading me to articles that are biased towards feminism without actually explaining what it is.


I’ll try to explain it as simply as possible.

>Zoe Quinn’s ex-bf makes a blog post
>Blog post details how she has cheated on him with 5 guys, among other things
>Only names 3 of the 5 men, the other 2 are as of yet unknown, though people have speculated on their names.
>The 3 men that were named are all involved to some degree in video games journalism
>It’s found out that her relationships with these men happened around the same time as they were writing positive articles about her game “Depression Quest
>This leads to people believing (rightfully) that there is corruption and collusion within games journalism
>Eventually it’s found out that there were more people involved, including Anita Sarkeesian
>Even a person who was judging some kind of indie-game competition was having a relationship with one of the contestants
>Game journalists start posting articles mocking gamers, saying they’re dead, etc.
>Find out that there’s a secret mailing list among game journalists that they use to post articles simultaneously
>Actually use this list to attempt to drown out the article that exposed the list itself.

>The gaming journalists and Feminists on twitter try to shut down a project by The Fine Young Capitalists
>Project was meant to help get more women in to game development
>4chan, specifically the /v/ board, as well as other websites like Funnyjunk, completely fund the project, and are allowed to create a character for the game that will be made
>Character is called “Vivian James” a spin off of “vidya games”

>Discussion about gamergate is being censored pretty much everywhere that it’s possible for them to censor it.
>Mods on 4chan are banning all the threads on the subject, with Moot’s approval
>Moot himself is suspected to have a relationship with a woman who is part of a company working with Gawker media
>Gawker media owns websites such as kotaku and Jezebel.
>Thousands of comments on Reddit boards are also deleted.

>Fast forward to the last couple of weeks
>Gamers have started e-mailing advertisers and urging them to pull their ads off of these “gaming journalism” websites.
>So far at least 4 companies have done so, including 2 big brands, Intel and Mercedes-Benz
>Obviously, gaming journalists are butthurt now because they’re losing money.
>They still don’t try and apologize or anything even remotely recognizing reconciliation, not that it would be accepted in the first place

>Anita Sarkeesian was supposed to give a talk at Utah State University recently
>University received threats
>Due to carry laws in the state, police could not legally keep anyone who had a weapon from going to her talk
>She cancels it
>She uses this to say that anyone who supports gamergate is “implicitly supporting the harassment of women”.
>These threats were found to be no different than any of the other she claims she has received before, by both police and university officials, and no previous threats have amounted to anything before, so there was no reason to believe these ones would
>Pretty much everyone now using these threats as ammo against gamers, as per usual.

If you want something more in-depth, or at least more well organized, you can watch the “Quinnspiracy Theory” videos on youtube from InternetAristocrat.




good job using your DEAD FUCKING FRIEND to support your position you fucking asshole

It’s actually ridiculous why he made this tweet. He apparently saw a bunch of people with Wariohat icons tweeting pro-GG stuff. 

1. I’m not sure if he knows but Wario is a character from the Mario games while JewWario is a reference to said character. It could very well be that some people had Wario hat icons because they like the character. 

2. Even if their icons are about JewWario, who gives a flying fuck? That doesn’t automatically mean those people were saying he would support GG. I could have the AVGN, Obama, Darwin, Jesus, etc as my icons and it wouldn’t mean I’m saying they would support GG. Hell, I could use your icon and as long as I’m not saying “ToddinTheShadows supports GamerGate”, he’d really have no good reason to bitch.

Is it really too hard for him to rationalize this? Has he ever thought that maybe when JewWario offed himself, people changed their twitter icons to commemorate his death but eventually moved onto other things as well? He probably did think of that but is still using this as an opportunity to slam GamerGate so yeah, good job using a dead man as a puppet for your (girlfriend’s) political views. 

I haven’t watched any of Todd’s videos in months and I have no good reason to return to them now. 

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